The Masterplan

Berkeley is in the process of preparing a planning application of the site. The work undertaken to date has enabled the project team to produce the masterplan below to illustrate how the site could be developed to create a high-quality and sustainable new neighbourhood. 

To create a true sense of place, with its own character, the landscape led proposals seek to work with the existing site features and constraints to make the development truly rooted in its context. Working with the existing country lanes, a concept has evolved to create two communities or character areas, an eastern and western 'village', each with a landscaped focal space at their heart. These communities are tied together with a central area featuring a village square and with facilities such as a medical centre close by. The landscape led concept envisages a gentle transition from the Kentish Countryside to a new thriving community. The waterscape will be woven into the proposals creating a setting for homes overlooking water features and working in harmony with natural waterflows, creating new habitats and increasing biodiversity. A network of linked footpaths and cycleways will connect through the scheme, alongside ancient woodland and new green spaces, providing access to existing Public Rights of Way and out to the countryside as well as south to the services within Kings Hill.

A vernacular approach to the design of the buildings will allow the scheme to blend with the existing setting of Kentish houses and farmsteads with high quality materials, thoughtful detailing and bespoke home designs helping to create a true sense of place.

" We build beautiful, successful places, blending homes, parks and public realm
with great facilities to create fantastic communities where people love to live, work and visit. "