Community and Social Sustainability

In order to measure and increase our customers' quality of life and well being, Berkeley has worked with experts in the field of social sustainability to create a framework that will be used to assess our proposals. The framework has three dimensions:

  • Social and cultural life (what it will be like to live there)

  • Voice and influence (how people affect what will go on)

  • Amenities and infrastructure (the design and facilities)

We have published a toolkit to help apply the ideas behind social sustainability to each development. We also commission independent assessments of our developments which reveal what life is like for residents living in the places we build. The application of this toolkit aims to combine the design of the physical environment with a focus on how people who live in and use a space relate to each other and function as a community. It focuses on providing the right infrastructure to support a strong social and cultural life, opportunities for people to get involved and scope for the place and the community to evolve.

Applying the toolkit we are considering the following community sustainability features for Broadwater Farm:

  • A drawing competition with an opportunity to have winning drawings incorporated into planters

  • Tree planting for existing and new residents

  • Apple picking in retained orchards

  • Ecological trails throughout the site

  • Outdoor activity gym associated with playgrounds

  • Equestrian routes across the site

  • Several village greens that can be used for events

  • Perimeter pedestrian / running route

Community Plans

For Broadwater Farm we intend to create a Community Plan which reflects local needs and aspirations. The Community Plan provides the structure to enable the community to mix and meet, usually through an events programme and an online forum. Through this, we want to ensure community networks and governance systems begin to form, ranging from social clubs to residents committees. These help to embed a sense of shared-ownership and self-management, which will be important for Broadwater Farm in the long term.

"All of this comes together to create strong communities where people from all walks of life can live comfortably together"