Broadwater Farm will be a landscape-led development, defined by inviting, generous and active green spaces where people of all ages and backgrounds can mix, meet and share their time.

We will create varied and inviting spaces to complement the surrounding countryside and preserve the site's finest natural and historical features. At Broadwater Farm there will be parkland, water, woodland, children's play spaces, school sports pitches, traditional greens, wildlife habitats and other uses defined through collaboration with local residents and key stakeholders.

Holborough Lakes

We will provide a pleasant living environment designed to support the health and well-being of residents. For example, circuits and trails will be designed to encourage exercise and spaces will provide opportunity for social interaction, informal recreation, contemplation and relaxation. People friendly streets will reduce the impact of cars and enable residents and vehicles to co-exist, creating shared spaces for informal play and for doorstep greens.

The masterplan has been shaped by thorough analysis of the landscape character and context and the approach establishes connections between Broadwater Farm and the surrounding countryside. The site lies within the 'Greensand Fruit Belt ' landscape character area where long glimpsed views to the Downs, tall hedgerows and shelterbelts associated with the fruit and broadleaf copses are characteristic. The tall hedgerows create a strong character to the narrow lanes that run through the site. The design will retain and reinforce the coherent landscape pattern by incorporating these elements into 'greenways' and public open space. This green infrastructure will be extended as green corridors through the development to connect to surrounding woodlands as wildlife corridors. The green corridors provide generous visual breaks in development to optimise views across the landscape to the countryside, the Kent Downs and surrounding landmarks. Careful selection of materials and detailing within the public realm and landscape will celebrate the rural setting and local vernacular of Kent.

West Village

"We would put our heart and soul into the landscape, creating varied and inviting spaces to complement the surrounding countryside and preserve the sites finest natural and heritage features"